Bloor Street West

Bloor Street West 1906

Bloor Street West, facing east from Glendonwynne Road towards High Park in the distance. 1906 and 2017.
In 1914 this stretch of Bloor between Runnymede and High Park Ave. was filled in with a mountain of dirt several stories high, to allow the Toronto Civic Railway to lay streetcar tracks and connect Bloor West Village with the Toronto Railway Company streetcars at Dundas St. West.
2017 photo taken by WTJHS member and Transit Historian Trevor from Transit Bricks.

Bloor Street West in Clendenan Hollow, possibly facing east. 1909. If the direction is correct, then the High Park Sanitarium and Wendigo Creek must be just out of view.
5 years later the entire valley would be filled with dirt.
Photo from the Toronto Archives.

Bloor Street West and Keele Street, possibly facing north-west. 1909. If the direction is correct, then High Park is on the left, just out of frame. Photo from the Toronto Archives.

6-217: Bloor Street looking east to High Park, boy or man walking bicycle
up the hill, deep ruts in mud, snow fence at left, forest at right,
appearance of springtime
date attribution is 1880, but not a correct date for either a snapshot or a
bicycle, probably more like 1900 – 1910
photographer unknown
source City of York Museum
‘date acquired’ 1995

Northeast corner of Bloor Street and Indian Road – April 18, 1913

Wendigo Creek being buried beneath Bloor Street West, 1914. The wooden logs were used to construct a trestle along Bloor Street from Quebec Ave. to Kennedy Park Road.
Small city locomotives pulled trains of dump cars filled with dirt along the top. Employees of the City’s Engineering department would push dirt out of the cars and into the valley, filling the area.
The drain pipe now empties into the north-west corner of High Park.

Bloor Street 1914, facing east towards Clendenan. The area was being filled with dirt up to the top of the sewer, to extend Bloor west over the deep valleys on the north end of High Park. You can climb down the stairs at the north-west corner of High Park to the bottom of the grading site, where Wendigo Creek still remains.

Bloor Street West & Clendenan Ave. 1914. Wendigo Creek is being filled to extend Bloor Street west past High Park.

Bloor St. looking east to High Park Ave. Aug. 28th, 1914.
The tracks are for the City of Toronto’s Engineering department locomotives, which hauled trains of dump cars used to fill in the valley.

Bloor Street east at Clendenan Avenue showing track where city locomotives and trains ran up to Glendonwynne Avenue for fill from borrow pit. Sept. 28th, 1914.

Bloor-Clendenan Hallow grading May 28th 1914.

Muddy Bloor Street West at High Park, looking west. 1914

Bloor Street looking east to Clendenan Avenue – May 14, 1915

Apartment houses, Bloor St. W., n. side, w. of Quebec Ave., High Park North, c.1923. – Courtesy of Toronto Public Library.

2190 Bloor Street West, near Glendonwynne Road. Sept. 28th 1965. “Yearly Auto Leasing” and Goodyear Tires for sale.

Bloor West near High Park, Toronto, 1984 from the series: Toronto Flashback (1980-1986)

1953: High Park Mineral Baths, Bloor St. W., n. side, e. of Parkview Gardens. Photo by James V. Salmon. – Courtesy of the Toronto Public Library. T 33631.

Courtesy Toronto Public Library — High Park Mineral Baths, Bloor St. W., n. side, e. of Parkview Gardens. — 1954

Six years before the Bloor-Danforth subway opened, a fresh-looking TTC PCC 4432 operates on the Bloor streetcar route eastbound on Bloor St. W. just past Keele/Parkside Dr. circa July 1960. Slide from the Dan Dell’Unto collection (after a good amount of image restoration), original photographer unknown. * More info about the scene on the photo page link:

Keele & Bloor looking east — 1963 — — with Bryon John Talbot.

Bloor St West at Oakmount Road — 1966

Credit David Wilson — 1968/05/10 — TTC 4437 Bloor St. @ Quebec Ave. —-