Legacy Giving

Where there’s a will.

If you’re like many people you have a will. Of course, you remember loved ones first. But then you may provide for legacies for churches, clubs, and charities that have been important to you.

If you’re a WTJHS volunteer, if you’ve attended meetings, if you’ve been involved in local planning issues, and /or if you’re interested in our local history then why not consider a bequest to the West Toronto Junction Historical Society.

You can provide for a set amount or a percentage of your estate. You can leave money for wherever the need is greatest or for a special project like our archives. It’s up to you. Just have your lawyer use our correct name – West Toronto Junction Historical Society, 145 Annette St., Toronto ON M6P 1P3. If you need further information, please contact the Society’s Treasurer at wtjhstreasurer@gmail.com.