Future Events

Please join us for these future events:

Oct 6, 2022 – Photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo “Toronto’s Stockyards District – Then and Now”

Toronto’s Stockyards District – Then and Now is an illustrated talk on one of the most important and unique industrial areas of Toronto, which has all but been replaced by large box stores and homes. The talk will feature Vincenzo Pietropaolo’s photographs from the 1980s — most of which have never been seen before — and his photographs of the same streets and lands as they appear today.

Nov 3, 2022 – Katy Whitfield, “They Walked These Streets”

Please join Bloor West Village residents and high school teachers, Katy Whitfield and Ian DaSilva, creators of “They Walked These Streets, We Will Remember Them” present their work at our November 3, 2022 meeting. This commemoration which has been running for the past two years, now honours over sixty BWV residents who served in the First and Second World Wars and who never returned home. These individuals were truly local, living on streets bounded by Runnymede, Jane, Bloor Street West and Dundas Street West.

During November 2020 and November 2021, this solemn and beautiful tribute complete with soldier profiles and QR codes connected to their military records were held on the lawns of 104 Colbeck and 285 Durie Streets. The project will continue again this year in 2022. Come and learn more about our courageous and brave young people who served, yet also walked these streets before us. Maybe one of the veterans lived in your street?

Dec 1, 2022 – Jessica Algie of City of TO Archives “Researching the History of Your House”

Is there something unique about your home or neighbourhood that you’ve always been curious about? How old is my home?  Who lived there in the past?  

Jessica Algie, from the City of Toronto Archives, will show you, step by step, how to research a Toronto property using archival collections including fire insurance maps, city directories, historic photographs and tax assessment rolls.  

Join Jessica on a journey to uncover the story of one interesting home in the West Toronto Junction neighbour hood. Then, apply those research techniques to your own home!  Question and chat to follow.If you have a specific question about some property in the Junction that you would like Jessica to research before the December 1 meeting please send it to junctionhistorical@gmail.com.