Policy for Publication of The Leader and Recorder

  1. The Leader and Recorder (the L&R) is the journal of the West Toronto Junction Historical Society (the WTJHS). The journal is published by the WTJHS under the control of the WTJHS Executive. The WTJHS holds copyright for issues of the journal, although individual photos and other material in issues may be subject to separate copyright.
  2. The Editor, Leader and Recorder, is appointed by the Executive Committee.
  3. Subject to membership approval of yearly allocations in annual budgets, the WTJHS may arrange for professional services for the editing, design and layout of the L&R.
  4. The content of the L&R is planned and decided by the L&R Editorial Committee, which includes the Editor, other WTJHS members and the President ex officio. Both WTJHS members and non-members can suggest and prepare content, subject to an understanding that L&R issues are planned months in advance.
  5. For continuity of style, the Editor oversees the graphic layout of all issues of the L&R. The Editor also deals directly with the printer to ensure that print quality meets expectations.
  6. Only persons pre-approved by the WTJHS Executive may be paid for any work done on the L&R or related activities.
  7. Only the Editor and other persons authorized by the Executive may use the term “The Leader and Recorder” and the related graphic title block in any print or electronic publication.
  8. Print copies of the L&R are distributed to current members (annual and life) according to the records of the Membership Secretary and are provided free of charge to specified complimentary recipients such as schools, libraries, other historical societies, elected representatives and depositary institutions. Single complimentary copies also may be provided to authors who are non-members.
  9. Print copies of the L&R may be sold to anyone at cost plus a reasonable markup.
  10. Quoting of L&R content, other than for commercial purposes, is permitted with proper attribution and subject to any copyright restrictions (e.g., for photos).
  11. Online electronic copies of past issues of the L&R (at least two years old) may be made available to the public, subject to effective controls to prevent copying without permission.

Approved by the WTJHS Executive Committee, September 7, 2021. This policy is to be posted in the WTJHS office, communicated to the members at the next AGM and retained in our archives.

September 2021