Annette Street

1888 Annette Methodist Annette St., s. side, betw. High Park Ave. & Quebec Ave.

6-034: AAnnette Street Public School, south west corner of Clendenan Ave.,
ca 1886-8 designed by John Anthony. This is the first of three schools on the
site, which were alternately built at the back and front of the lot so that
the old building could continue in use until the new one was built. It was
replaced by a much larger school designed by James A. Ellis in 1890 and again by a new structure in 1911-2.
date circa 1886-8
photographer unknown
source Annette Street Public School
date circa 1890-1910
photographer unknown, Doug Lister copy neg
source Toronto Board of Education Archives
‘date acquired’ circa 1985

Dalvine (launch), funeral of nine drowned in capsize; Victoria Presbyterian Church, Annette St., north west corner Medland St.; looking north – Courtesy of Toronto Public Library – 1907

8-007: Toronto Junction: A Beauty Spot, J.V. 100725 Annette Street
looking east from Laws St., tower of Annette School and chimney of Campbell
house visible in the verdure. Horse and carriage in the distance, also a
steeple for something (?) Postmarked August 7, 1906
> Message: to Miss M. A. Lawlor, Steelton, Ont.
> Had good time yesterday over to Hamilton Big day Civic Holiday here how are
you Home Monday or Tuesday SCB
> Note: processor cropped off printing at bottom of picture in our print!
date circa 1906
photographer unknown
source Don Ricardson
‘date acquired’ circa 1988

5-193: 288 Annette St., “The Birches”, The Heintzman House at Laws Ave.,
very soon after it was built as the conservatory was rebuilt soon after –
conservatory is to left of house and does not appear in later pictures, iron
fence not up yet, may be first pole in foreground
date 1889
photographer unknown
source Mrs. Elizabeth Chish Graham from Tom Heintzman Graham
‘date acquired’ 1992
picture places5-193.jpg

Southeast corner Keele and Annette Streets — 1946

Looking west on Annette Street, west of Clendenan Avenue — 1961

336 Annette Street, Wm. Wilson residence, Annette Street west of Laws Street 1935–2009