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New Executive – New Volunteers – New Ideas

Join us for the WTJHS 2023 Annual General Meeting and take part in a pivotal moment for the Society!

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2023 on Zoom at 7 PMAdvance registration for the AGM is required.  To register for the AGM, click here: REGISTER

The AGM will report on our 2022 activities and propose the budget for 2023.

Although only members in good standing (i.e., Life Members and annual members who paid 2023 membership fees) may vote, the AGM will be open to the public and will be publicized in a post on the WTJHS Facebook page.

The 2022 Annual Report will be the primary resource for reporting at the AGM on our 2022 activities.  The proposed budget for 2023 will be presented for discussion and approval, along with a full slate of candidates for elected officer positions.  All of these and the AGM agenda will be posted on about March 23 in preparation for the AGM. Please check them out in advance.

For the benefit of those who did not attend our March 6 general meeting, the four new candidates for elected officer positions are:

PresidentChristian von Donat
Vice PresidentChriss Hupalo
Treasurer  Peggy Mooney
Recording SecretaryWard Noble*

*interim appointment by Executive February 21st, 2023

In addition, Adrian Schincariol (Membership Secretary) and David Muir (Corresponding Secretary) have agreed to stand for election for another term.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 6th at 7 PM,

-the WTJHS Executive Committee


Past Event: March 2, 2023: Adam Bunch “The Toronto Circus Riot: A True Tale of Sex, Violence, Corruption and Clowns”


The strangest riot in Toronto history broke out in the summer of 1855, sparked by a brawl at a King Street brothel. When some rowdy clowns picked a fight with a battle-hardened crew of firefighters, they would quickly learn they’d made a terrible mistake. The circus performers found themselves facing off against Toronto’s powerful Orange Order in a bloody clash that revealed the fault lines that once violently divided our city.

Adam Bunch is an award-winning storyteller who brings the history of Toronto and Canada to life. He’s the author of The Toronto Book of the Dead and The Toronto Book of Love, the host of the Canadiana documentary series, and the creator of the Toronto Dreams Project.


Zoom then will send you Login details

Past Event: TALK: Join author Ted Glenn on his latest book ‘A Very Canadian Coup’ on Thursday, Feb 2 @ 7 pm on Zoom

Join us February 2, 2023, 7 pm on Zoom for a presentation on Mackenzie Bowell by Ted Glenn. Zoom details will be included later in January.

When Mackenzie Bowell became Canada’s fifth prime minister in December 1894, everyone — including Bowell — expected the job would involve nothing more than keeping the wheels on the Conservative wagon until a spring election.

Plans for a quiet caretakership were dashed in January 1895 when the courts ruled that the Manitoba government had violated Roman Catholics’ constitutional rights by abolishing the provincial separate school system. Catholics in Quebec demanded that Bowell force Manitoba to restore the schools, while Ontario Protestants warned him to keep his hands off.

Backed into a corner, Bowell tried three times to negotiate a compromise with the Manitoba government over the course of 1895, but to no avail. By January 1896, seven of Bowell’s cabinet ministers had had enough. Convinced that Bowell had tarnished the Conservative brand, the caballers forced the prime minister to resign and make way for a new leader, who they believed could revive party fortunes in time for the coming election—the old Warhorse of Cumberland, Sir Charles Tupper. 

Ultimately, the coup didn’t matter. Tupper and his conspirators pleaded their case in Parliament and on the hustings, but nothing could stand in the way of Wilfrid Laurier and his Liberals’ historic rise to power in the June 1896 election.

A Very Canadian Coup brings fresh sources and new perspectives to bear on the life and times of Canada’s fifth prime minister and his Sixth Ministry.

Ted Glenn is a professor at Humber College and writes about Canadian government and history.  He divides his time between Toronto and Grey County.


Please Note: This event will be on Zoom, not in person.  It is open to the public but advance signup is required as follows:

  • Provide your name and email address on the registration page
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom (on our behalf) with information about joining the meeting on February 2nd.  Please do not share this information
  • Zoom login information (including passcodes) will NOT be posted on Facebook or on this website.