WTJHS Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was approved at the Society’s 2021 Annual General Meeting on November 4, 2021. It took effect immediately.

Code of Conduct for WTJHS

This Code applies to all WTJHS Officers and other Executive Committee members, volunteers and to other members when participating in WTJHS activities and events.

  1. Always act with fairness, honesty, integrity and openness; respect the opinions and contributions of others and treat all with equality and dignity.
  2. Use no abusive language and/or make adverse personal comments about others at any time including during meetings or in electronic or written material.
  3. Respect and conform to the decisions and procedures of WTJHS and its Executive; resign or remove yourself if you are unable or unwilling to do so.
  4. Respect and maintain the confidentiality of information gained as an officer or volunteer including but not limited to all membership, volunteer and donor records, computer software and files and business documents.
  5. Act in the best interests of the WTJHS; avoid any conflict of interest in any matter before the Society and, if a conflict of interest arises, disclose the interest and do not participate in any decision on the matter.

Any member who experiences or becomes aware of an infraction of the Code of Conduct should report that infraction with supporting information by email or letter addressed to the President (or to the Vice President if the President is the subject of the report).

Infractions of the Code of Conduct may result in a warning or, depending on the severity of the infraction or a repeat infraction, may be grounds for suspension of an officer or exclusion of an executive committee member, volunteer or other member from the activities of the WTJHS.

The President is responsible for administering the Code of Conduct.  In the case of any matter involving the President, the Vice President is responsible for administering the Code of Conduct.  Actions taken by the President or Vice President under the Code of Conduct may be appealed to the Executive Committee. 

Dated: November 4, 2021.