Executive Opportunities!

The WTJHS needs four new executive officers for the upcoming 2021-2022 year. The leadership positions available for you are Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer or President. We are looking for diverse, enthusiastic individuals who are willing to lead the WTJHS in 2021. Both Richard Lundeen and Dave Muir have agreed to run for Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary, respectively. Hats off to them! Thank you. As the society is a volunteer organization of local history enthusiasts, we are reaching out to all of you! Please, if you have considered becoming involved in a leadership role in the WTJHS in the past but held off, now is the time to put yourself forward. The qualifications are simple: an interest in local history and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and help out. More information about the WTJHS and its activities can be found at www.wtjhs.ca

Please think about joining us on the WTJHS Exec! The specific details on these executive roles are listed on the wtjhs.ca website. Email junctionhistorical@gmail.com or call Hope Humphrey 416.660.4234 (c) if interested in one of these Executive positions.

If you prefer not to hold an WTJHS Executive position but know a potential candidate for Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and President, please talk to them directly and encourage them to contact us. If you would like to join the Nominating Committee, please contact Hope. Hope is always looking for input from all WTJHS members. We are looking for executive candidates ASAP as our organization cannot survive long without a functioning Executive team. Here’s to keeping our fascinating, diverse, colourful history and this newsletter of the Junction neighbourhood alive !