Slate of Candidates for Election to the Offices of the Society

In accordance with the Society’s Constitution and By-laws, a Nominating Committee was formed by the Executive Committee at least sixty days in advance of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Nominating Committee’s responsibility was to identify candidates for the offices of the Society and to present a slate of candidates for election at the AGM. Further nominations for each office can be made from the floor.

Officers elected at the AGM shall hold office for a one-year term or until an election is held to replace them at the next AGM in 2023.

The following nominations are presented by the Nominating Committee:

      Office      Candidate
  President  Christopher Sears
  Vice President  Richard Lundeen
  Treasurer  Angie Cruz Rojas  
Membership SecretaryAdrian Schincariol  
Recording SecretaryTeya Zuzek  
Corresponding SecretaryDave Muir